MARVERICK.D.C.Inc. and MARVERICK D.C. GROUP (hereafter called "our company") provide the following privacy policies (hereafter called"this policy") about the personal informations of the artists, fans,and business partners (hereafter called "customers") and continuously carry out this policy.

1.Personal information

In this policy, personal information indicates customer's personally identifiable informations. For example, name, address, phone number,or e-mail address etc.

2.Observance of law

We observe the law, notification, and other regulations for personal informations.

3.Collection of personal information

We collect the personal informations legally and fairly.
When we collect such informations from the person directly, we show the purpose of using the informations.

4.Use of personal information

We use the information we collect only for the achievement of the purpose of use.
We use the information we collect for the following purpose.

  • Sending the tickets or the products you ordered.
  • Sending the informations about our products or the event we hold.
  • Market research about products and events.
  • Any other purposes we showed to collect such informations.

5.Offering and indicating of personal information

We do not offer or indicate the personal information provided by customers to anyone outside our company, except following cases or with other right reasons.
(1) When the person agrees to disclose individual information.
(2)When indication is requested by administrative official agency or judicialorganization, based on the law.

6.Sharing personal information

In between our company we may share customer's personal information which is by section 1 if it is necessary to achieve the purpose as in section 4. In this case if the customer request to delete or correct the personal information, contact MARVERICK.D.C.Inc.

7.Management of consignment

When we share the personal information among third parties or offer such information to consign the business, we investigate the concerned third party and place a necessary contract, and also take any other necessary steps in law.

8.Updating this policy

We may update this policy at any time when it is necessary.

June 21, 2005